How do you know if you live in a watershed?

How do you know if you live in a watershed?

First … what is a watershed?

Project WET is a water education program.  The definition for a watershed, used in this program is – an area of land drained by a river and its tributaries to a common outlet.  Streams and creeks drain into rivers. Smaller rivers drain into larger river that eventually drain into the oceans.

Not all water in a watershed can be seen! After a rain or snow event where does water go? Some water goes straight into the rivers, streams, creeks, and the storm drain system.  Some water infiltrates into the ground.  The water that is absorbed into the ground is stored in to the underground aquifers. 

You may live in an area that you can’t see flowing water but you still live in a watershed!  Watersheds come in all shapes and sizes.  Watersheds crisscross across the country.  Smaller, local watersheds are part of bigger watersheds. 

Inside of a watershed you will find everything.  Water, land, deserts, air, cities, farms, plants, animals, people, mountains, etc.  Everything is affected by the watershed.

We do live in a watershed!  Everywhere on this planet is part of a watershed!

It is important to understand watersheds.  Watershed are all around us – EVERYWHERE!  That means we need to pay attention and take care of our watersheds.  Simple things you can do to help our watersheds:

  • Put litter in its proper place
  • Make sure your vehicles are not leaking fluids
  • Do not put hazardous materials in storm drain inlets
  • Future posts will go look at more ways you can help watersheds

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