Project WET Training

On Tuesday, November 9, 2021, I was able to attend a Project WET training workshop I was in attendance. The first was in July 2021, at Goose Pond (in southern Indiana) to learn all about Wetlands.

The workshop was titled: Climate, Water and Resilience. This is a new unit with a new lesson plan manual. There are 8 different lessons about water issues and the climate. The lessons are fun and engaging – we got to test a few out during training. Each lesson covers Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), as well as different subject areas. STEM connections are given to add to the lessons engagement. The great part of Project WET there options for all learning levels.

Project WET focuses on promoting water awareness for all subjects. Project WET is a wonderful addition to your curriculum in school or tied in with a group activity. The Indiana Department of Natural Resources helps promote and set up Project WET trainings. Here is a link to their website.

If your school or group is interested in having Morgan County Partnership for Water Quality come and present a lesson, please email Rachel at:

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