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In this section of our website you will be able to find ideas on what you can do to help storm water. Also, you will be able to find general information and tips on stormwater, watersheds, recycling, etc. Thank you for stopping by.

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Storm Water Pollution

Much of the land around our town is covered in buildings and pavement, which does not allow rain and snowmelt to soak into the ground.  Rain and snowmelt wash anything that’s on the streets and…

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Where does storm water runoff go?

Storm water is water from rain or melting snow. It flows from rooftops, over paved streets, sidewalks and parking lots, across bare soil and lawns and into storm drains and streams. As it flows, runoff…

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Programs Going on this Fall!

Morgan County has some programs going on this fall! Morgan County Soil and Water Conservation District and the Morgan County Solid Waste District have a couple of programs going on. Scroll down to see information…

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How do you know if you live in a watershed? How do you know if you live in a watershed? First … what is a watershed? Project WET is a water education program.  The definition…

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