No matter where in the world we live – We all live in a watershed.

This map shows the HUC 8watersheds in Indiana. https://engineering.purdue.edu/SafeWater/watershed/IN_8digit_map.htm

Everyone lives in a watershed.  People who live in dry desert areas, live in watersheds.  People who live in the Arctic live in watersheds. 

Every watershed has similarities and every watershed is different.  Deserts are part of watersheds.  Watersheds can include hills, lowlands, mountains, cities, farms, wetlands, deserts, wooded areas, and many other areas. 

Check out this video – What is a Watershed?

Since we all live on land, we all live in a watershed. It is important to keep our waters healthy. The Clean Water Act protects and helps restore our nation’s waters. Keeping our waters clean is vital to all living things.

Check out these helpful watershed websites:




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