Wetlands are areas where water covers the soil, or is present either at or near the surface of the soil all year or for varying periods of time during the year, including during the growing season. (EPA)

Wetlands are IMPORTANT to the environment

Morgan County Parks has wetland areas. The above pictures are from Burkhart Creek, located on Duckworth Road and Warthen Road near Paragon, IN. There is about 5 acres of wetlands in this park. We are all working together to try to protect and promote this area.


Wetlands are important to the environment because it does so many jobs!


  • improves water quality
  • improves water supply
  • provide wildlife habitat
  • maintain ecosystem productivity
  • provides recreational opportunity
  • provides educational opportunities

Wetlands helps naturally purify the water. Sediments are filtered and pollutants are absorbed. This helps the the quality of groundwater supplies.

Wetlands help store and slow the flow of storm water. This helps reduce flooding! The slow release of this stored water over time can help keep some water ways flowing in dry periods.

Wetland vegetation helps stabilize soil on banks of riparian areas as well as, ponds and lakes.

Wildlife benefit from wetlands.

Provide homes to different animals, birds, aquatic species, microorganisms, plants, amphibians, and reptiles amongst others things

Wetlands offer a variety of recreational opportunities. Viewing the wildlife, plant life, and water features for sightseeing. Photography, bird watching, hiking, and fishing are amongst the variety of opportunities one can enjoy while in a wetland.

Opportunities for education are many in a wetland. Bringing awareness to the numerous benefits and opportunities of a wetland area can engage the community.

What kind of animals do you see in this wetland?

  • frogs
  • birds
  • macroinvertebrates
  • plants
  • mammals
  • and many others

Animals can use a wetland for all or part of their life cycle!





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