Farmers’ Day

On Wednesday, October 6, 2021, Morgan County Partnership for Water Quality and Morgan County Soil and Water Conservation District worked together at a booth for Farmers’ Day.

We had a cane pole fishing game and a duck derby. The cane pole fishing game had images of Indiana fish and the names of the fish. The duck derby is a water race for rubber ducks. While the participants are working on having fun, we were able to discuss the importance of keeping water and stormwater clean.

Below is some of the information participants in Farmers’ Day learned…

Here you can learn how you can do your part to keep Indiana’s creeks, streams, ponds and lakes clean.  Did you know that Indiana has more than 35,000 miles of rivers and streams, 100,000 acres of publicly owned lakes and reservoirs, and 50 miles of Great Lakes shoreline. These surface water resources play a crucial role in industry, agriculture, and energy production in the state. About two-thirds of Indiana’s population depends on ground water for drinking and household uses.  Keeping Indiana’s water resources clean and drinkable is important to people, animals, and fish!  

Stormwater can collect pollutants as the water runoff flows over surfaces. The stormwater then collects in a drain basin. From there the water flows through a drain system and into a local water way (stream, pond, etc.) The stormwater is not treated before draining into a water way.

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